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BIGSOUND 2011 Press Coverage

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Feedback from BIGSOUND 2011

“The. Best. Music. Gathering. Ever.
Well, for 2011 anyway.”
-Kathy McCabe, News Ltd (AUS)

"BIGSOUND 2011 was actually one of the best nights and gigs of my life. I had such a great time that I think I said "that was the best gig I've ever done" right after I came offstage. It was a completely packed-out venue and the vibe was just incredible!"
- Lanie Lane, Showcasing Artist (AUS)

“BIGSOUND is one of the best international conferences on the map. It is exceptionally well programmed in terms of music and panels. The music programme feels very well filtered, giving visitors the confidence that more than a few good things will be found. The meetings are also very well organised to maximise the networking opportunity. All in all, it gets better every year and is now a genuinely world class event.”
- Mike Walsh, XFM (UK)

"I loved Australia and I loved BIGSOUND"
- Alan McGee (UK)

"The BIGSOUND Conference was by far the best, most productive, and most fun conference I’ve ever been to. I look forward to attending the conference for many years to come."
-Dave Shapiro, The Agency Group (USA)

"An excellently curated, programmed, and conceived event that is heads and shoulders the best Australian event of its type."
-David Vodicka, Media Arts Lawyers (AUS)

“BIGSOUND was one of the most enjoyable music conferences I have ever been to. Well organised, with an amazing array of new Australian talent I would recommend it to anyone who is working in the music industry” 
- Stephen Wade, Select Music (AUS)

"BIGSOUND is the best-sized, best-organised and most enjoyable conference any one would want to go to. It has also been a great place to discover some amazing talent from a country that is now coming up with some of the best music in the world."
-Shin Fukuzumi, P-Vine (JPN)

“I was blown away at BIGSOUND.  The talent of the acts performing was of the highest of calibre.  I go to dozens of these events and this is now a not miss event for me.  The acts showcasing and the delegates attending are all top notch. I am already doing business with many of the people I have met and I look forward to doing more.  I will be back next year.”
- Adam Lewis, The Planetary Group (USA)

"BIGSOUND continues to be one of the key music events around the globe. A manageable size with a high quality of new artists showcasing and some fantastic speakers make for a brilliant three days and I've been left with new ideas and some new favourite bands alike."
-Jen Long, BBC (UK)

BIGSOUND 2011 was an excellent event with great people, relevant programming and great music, highly recommended'
-Simon Wheeler, Beggars Group (UK)

“I found this years BIGSOUND one of the most valuable conferences I have attended. The mix of excellent panels, keynote speakers and showcases lead to both business for domestic acts along with international acts. BIGSOUND 2012 is already in my diary!”
-Damian Cunningham, Peats Ridge Festival (AUS)

To see what a vibrant music scene Australia currently has on offer was invaluable…… many young faces, so much enthusiasm!! Really what it is all about and what has kept Tim and I enthused for over 40 years.
-David Enthoven, ie:music (UK)

"BIGSOUND was a revelation! My first time there and not my last. I could not believe how much new Australian talent was being showcased. It was more SXSW than SXSW! Great speakers, great delegates, great bands, great beer! What more could you ask.  As someone who has been in the industry for a relatively long time I was amazed at how many new important and influential people I got to meet and network with. Priceless!"
-Philip Stevens, Philip Stevens Management & Jarrah Records (AUS)

"BIGSOUND 2011 eclipsed all expectations delivering both quality content and talent in the panels and the showcases. This is a world class conference."
-Simon Moor, Kobalt Music Publishing Australia (AUS)

“I thought BIGSOUND was a great time for me both personally and professionally. The whole festival was super organized and it was very easy to bounce around from show to show each night.  Because it wasn't this overwhelmingly large and out of hand event, I could get into shows and also meet many people I have only emailed with or people I have never met at all.  Through the panels and meetings I really gained a much better understanding of the Australian music industry then I had before. Invite me back please!”
-Paul Hanly, Frenchkiss Records (USA)

"BIGSOUND was fantastic this year and I was very proud to be part of it. To see so much of the Australian music industry in Queensland was fantastic and I don't think I've ever seen so many of them in the one place except for say the ARIAs. Let's just say the ARIAs are rarely that constructive, it's more of a celebration. This was both."
-Magoo, Producer (AUS)

“Undoubtedly Australia’s most important and best music industry conference”
- Craig Hawker, Sony / ATV Music Publishing (AUS)

"BIGSOUND was awesome, my first time up there and I had a great time. Very professionally run and I prefer it to SXSW, which I've been to 7 times now."
-Jai Al-Attas, One. Meaning. Communicated. Differently. (AUS)

"I found this event really valuable and made a bunch of contacts both on the international arena and Australian scene. I managed to help out at least two artists who I believe now have European agents and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of artists."
- Lisa Whytock, Active Events (UK)

"BIGSOUND created opportunities for not only my artists and their business, but my own as well. Informative, entertaining and instrumental for me in creating new networks."
-Cath Haridy, Catherine Haridy Management (AUS)

“BIGSOUND was a great opportunity for lots of my best young clients to play to rooms full of the music industry’s heavy hitters, and for me personally to reconnect with a large number of Australian and international contacts, and finish off a few deals in the process!”
-Julian Hewitt, Media Arts Lawyers (AUS)

I have attended many music industry conferences in Australia over the past 10 years or so. I have to say that this year’s BIGSOUND in Brisbane was the most rewarding so far. The quality of the panels was extremely high and stimulated a lot of debate over the three days. What was particularly impressive was that the vast majority of the showcase gigs by Aussie artists were also of a high standard encouraging for the local industry and were well attended. The fact that the venues and the conference centre were all in such close proximity made it easy to maximise involvement for the duration. A great event.
-Iain Shedden, Music writer, The Australian (AUS)

"It was wonderful to meet up with so many amazing people from around the world and to see so many fantastic bands! Everything was so easy… BIGSOUND is a superbly organised event that reminded me of SxSW - sans the jet lag and long queues. "
-Johanna Greenway, Big Day Out (AUS)