BIG SOUND 2010 will be held from the 8th to 10th of September 2010 in Australia's only live music precinct Fortitude Valley Brisbane.

Romy is a Melbourne based singing songstress, and sonic composer with a knack for melody. She builds tidal synth soundwaves of sentimental pop bliss. She once did, and will rap again. You may have known her as Macromantics. She began her musical career as a guitarist in Ben Lee's band Noise Addict when she was just 15. While touring and performing with Noise Addict, Hoffman fell in love with hip-hop and began incorporating it into her own music and punk-inspired, D.I.Y. approach. Come 2009, Romy is ready to launch her brand new sound; synth heavy pop-dance jams that edge toward the dark side. She debut's her new live band at BIG SOUND.


Alhambra Lounge
Wednesday, 9 September – 08:20PM to 08:50PM


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