Billy Thorpe Scholarship 2018 Application

The Billy Thorpe Scholarship is funded by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland and is administered by QMusic. The Thorpe family and representatives from Chugg Entertainment - Mr Michael Chugg and Ms Amanda Pelman - contributed towards the development of the scholarship.


Please read the guidelines and terms and conditions below carefully before commencing your application. Applications deemed to be ineligible will NOT be assessed.

Full Guidelines, terms & conditions including important information for successful applicants HERE

The Scholarship is for an emerging musician or band. Though not limited in musical genre the scholarship is primarily aimed at musicians from the contemporary/popular music sector. As it honours Billy Thorpe, a great Australian rock musician, rock music may be a priority for selecting applicants. The applicant/s must have written a minimum of four original songs.

Closing date: Sunday 21st January 2018 - midnight


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Please read the guidelines and terms and conditions below carefully before submitting your application.


Please address the following assessment criteria in the text box below. We recommend you keep a copy of your responses for your records.

1) Intended use of this Scholarship

Describe the details of your project (proposed recording), the project objectives and how the project relates to where you currently are in your career. Explain how you will make the best use of the cash component of the Scholarship ($4000) to achieve outcomes for your career. (MAX 500 WORDS)

2) Outstanding artistic and creative potential of the applicant/s

Describe the quality of your work and your talent. (MAX 500 WORDS)

3) Demonstrated commitment to musical and performance skills development

Describe your track record, practice and recognition in the contemporary music industry. (MAX 500 WORDS)

4) Potential to contribute to the development of contemporary music in Queensland

Describe your future aspirations and career plan and any significant contributions to date. (MAX 500 WORDS)



  • Curriculum Vitae/Artist Bio/Resume - This is to be a maximum of 2 pages and should include details of your songwriting and music career experience and achievements to date. (Word or .pdf format only)
  • A recording up to 4 original songs (minimum 2), written by the applicant/s. These songs should be those that best reflect your songwriting, playing and performing abilities.  (MP3 format only)
  • Accompanying printed lyric sheets - Songwriting credits must be included stating whether applicant is sole or primary songwriter or collaboration details. (1 song per page)
  • Up to three letters of support These letters can be from people who have some standing within your community and or local music scene including: music industry professionals who have knowledge and experience in the music industry, music teachers, music or arts organisations. Letters of support should be from people who know you and who are aware of your musical activities.  Letters should state why they feel you would benefit from the Scholarship, your capacity to make the best use of the Scholarship opportunity and the likely outcomes and opportunities which would arise for you from the Scholarship. (Word or .pdf format only)


Assessment Criteria text box:

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Song 1
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Song 3
Song 4
Lyrics for Song 1 (including songwriter details) (upload .doc, .pdf)
Lyrics for Song 2 (including songwriter details) (upload .doc, .pdf)
Lyrics for Song 3 (including songwriter details) (upload .doc, .pdf)
Lyrics for Song 4 (including songwriter details) (upload .doc, .pdf)

Letters of support *
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You must upload at least one letter of support.

If you experience delays or errors uploading your files please email or call (07) 3257 0013 during office hours.

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Letter 3
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1. Additional support material of your choice (optional)
2. Additional support material of your choice (optional)

Additional Information


Incomplete applications will not be considered.

By applying for the Billy Thorpe Scholarship 2018, all applicants indicate that they have read and will abide by the Arts Queensland 2018 Billy Thorpe Guidelines.

The statements in each application are true and correct to the best of the applicants' knowledge, information and belief and the supporting material is the applicants' own work or the work of the artists named in the application.

Each applicant consents that information provided in their application may be  provided by QMusic to Arts Queensland for:

  • reporting on the performance of the scholarship, training or systems testing purposes 
  •  marketing purposes (including social media) to promote the award and applicants that are shortlisted as finalists or are awarded the scholarship.
  • QMusic Privacy Policy HERE

Terms and Conditions

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