Services for Industry, Government and Community

Q Music makes its music industry expertise available as a consultancy service, available to industry, government and the broader community. Those services include:

What's Up? Public Forums Through it’s highly-successful What’s Up?! Public forums, Q Music is able to survey a broad range of stakeholders in any community and ascertain what the key needs of that community are, and how best to deliver them. Q Music has delivered a number of services in regional communities throughout the state via the application of a rigorous consultative process. As the state’s peak music industry body, Q Music is interested in fostering the sustainable long-term development of the Queensland music industry. And in order to deliver that, Q Music has developed a best practice method of working with communities that employs the tools of ‘industry’ development as well as ‘community cultural’ development processes. Together, those two approaches are used to best assess and respond to requests for music industry services and development in that community.

Grant Writing Service (GWS) and Grant Assistance Service (GAS) The Grant Writing Service (GWS) is designed to help you tap into the many and varied grant-based funding options available from all tiers of government. As part of GWS, Q Music directly contracts from a team of experienced grant writers that we engage to seek out potential funding sources. Once your grant concept is assessed as feasible, the GWS team will then write your grant application for you, and help source the all-important source material you need. While success is not guaranteed, Q Music uses grant writers with an excellent, long-standing record of success. This service is available only to Q Music members. The Grant Assistance Service (GAS) is designed to offer advice and assistance to individuals, groups, organisations or businesses applying for grants. In this case, Q Music does not actually write the grant applications. Rather, GAS sessions are designed to make it easier for anyone in the music industry to complete their applications and successfully win small grants themselves. A GAS session features a one-hour, face-to-face consultation with Q Music staff, with a follow-up phone consultation. These services are available only to Q Music members

Advocacy Q Music is the peak body for the Queensland Music Industry. An important part of that role is advocacy - speaking out and lobbying government and private sector organisations to protect, promote and advance the collective interests of Queensland Music Industry stakeholders. Q Music is well experienced and placed to argue in favour of the causes, ideas and policies of partners in order to secure ongoing services and support for music development programs in any region across the state. In addition to that, Q Music has played a pivotal role in national and state issues that directly impact on the development and ongoing sustainability of the music industry. To date, Q Music has taken a key advocacy role on:

  •  Moves to protect Queensland’s live music scene by advocating to all levels of government the need for venues to be allowed to continue operating effectively despite the encroaching influence of residential development in key areas like Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley. Q Music has advanced a better legislative environment for the live music sector and noise abatement issues for venues.
  • Increases in funding support for the contemporary music sector at a Federal, State and Local Government level;
  • Pursuing a better deal for music through the Free Trade Agreement between Australia and the United States of America;
  • Negotiating with the Australian Taxation Office for the improvement of taxation thresholds for claimable income for music industry activity;
  • Participation in the Australian Music Industry Network;
  •  Contributing to the development of a National Contemporary Music Industry Policy.