Grant Services

For more information on grants, other funding opportunities, our grant calendar and guide to applying for grants click HERE


The Grant Assistance Service (GAS) is designed to offer advice and assistance to individuals, groups, organisations or businesses applying for grants. In this case, Q Music does not actually write the grant applications. GAS sessions are designed to make it easier for anyone in the music industry to complete their own applications. A GAS session features a one-hour, face-to-face consultation with Q Music staff, with a follow-up phone consultation.

This service is available only to Q Music members. Service fee: (Price includes GST)

Individual - $110

More than one person - $165

(regardless of result)


The Grant Writing Service (GWS) is designed to help you tap into the many and varied grant-based funding options available from all tiers of government. As part of GWS, Q Music directly contracts from a team of experienced grant writers that we engage to seek out potential funding sources. Once your grant concept is assessed as feasible, the GWS team will then write your grant application for you, and help source the all-important source material you need. While success is not guaranteed, Q Music uses grant writers with an excellent, long-standing record of success.

This service is available only to Q Music members. Service fee (Price includes GST):

$330 (regardless of result)

If you wish to utilise either of these services, we advise you to do a Q Music Music Action Plan (MAP) first. Click here to find out more about MAPs.

If you wish to book in for either of the Grant Writing Services or Grant Assistance Services please email with "Grants" as the first word of the subject.