APRA AMCOS Lead The Way On Gender Parity

APRA AMCOS have taken strong steps towards addressing the lack of gender parity within the music industry, announcing a commitment to double its amount of new female members over three years.

In response to recent feedback, APRA AMCOS commissioned RMIT’s Dr Catherine Strong to conduct a gender diversity research project titled The Australian Women Screen Composers: Career Barriers and Pathways. Upon the resounding results, the country’s leading music industry organisation pledged to address that imbalance within three years.

The results of the RMIT research commissioned by APRA AMCOS were as follows:

  • Goal of 25 per cent increase in female members YOY over three years
  • Strict 40 per cent female participation measures
  • Australasian mentorship program in partnership with industry organisations
  • Whole of industry call to action to tackle gender disparity
  • Follows internal review and career development initiatives for female staff

From October, APRA AMCOS will invest annually in an extensive songwriter/composer mentoring program for female members across a range of genres.

In response to feedback that women are underrepresented in the music industry, APRA AMCOS will immediately execute a 40/40/20 measure on all membership programs. This will ensure that within the medium term, at least 40 per cent of the judges involved in APRA’s suite of awards are female.

Significantly, from 2018 APRA Music Grants extended to external programs will be strictly allocated to grant applications showing at least 40 per cent female participation, or a commitment to tackling gender disparity, where possible.

Recognising their leadership position within the industry, APRA AMCOS is calling on music organisations, publishers, record labels and the wider sector to commit to gender parity within their own programs and initiatives. This could apply internally through supporting career development of staff and externally through Board nominations, selection of industry spokespeople and development of opportunities for women to extend their influence in wider discussions.

APRA AMCOS will invest a further $20,000 in Stage 2 of the research.

Published: 03 Aug 2017 by QMusic Newsdesk