BIGSOUND Buzz returned for its second year at BIGSOUND 2017, helping delegates, bands and punters alike keep track of which acts were making waves at the festival this year.

Created by Bolster, The website's algorithm scans for mentions on Facebook and Twitter for all 130+ 2017 showcase artists. The top 100 is ranked and adds weight based on the volume of posts, how many followers or Likes the person who posted has, or how many engagements, comments, and likes on the posts. 

Bolster built the platform to help bands, managers and anyone else throughout the event to gauge who they want to go and see and who's buzzing. A pie chart or bar graph are used to visually represent the leaderboard and convey the results broken down into past 12 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours or seven days. In addition, this year the site allows users to search by State.

Check out the Top 10 Queensland Artists for the last 7 days below! 

Check out the full BIGSOUND Buzz website and get your nerd on!


Published: 14 Sep 2017 by QMusic Newsdesk