How do we actually change the culture of the music industry?

Written by QMusic CEO Joel Edmondson. 

Thanks to the many colleagues that have contributed their time and insight to the preparation of this article.

So much has been written over the past year about the culture of the music industry that it’s barely worth summarising for the purpose of writing an introduction to this article. If you are reading this, you are already engaged enough to not require that summary. You know already that a lot of people feel disenfranchised and excluded by the interpersonal and commercial dynamics of the business, which is itself enmeshed in and reflective of a broader social and economic system that sustains the power of a privileged few.

Now is a critical time. The massive vocal disruption that has brought the music industry’s cultural problems to the surface presents a unique opportunity. The awareness raised has already been transformational for many people who were naive to some of those problems, and has spurred many others into action. Yet the problems remain, deeply ingrained as they are. A truly inclusive music industry culture is still well out of reach.

So what now?

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Published: 11 Jan 2018 by QMusic Newsdesk