CIRCULATE with Music Managers

Music Industry Inside Out is delighted to announce the relaunch of monthly industry networking events for 2018, with a new event title and a new venue (upstairs at the Bloodhound Bar)! CIRCULATE replaces the old ‘Hook Up’ events but still provides the same excellent community building opportunity to make a bunch of new friends and contacts across the industry. As always, we’ll be inviting some of Brisbane’s more experienced industry workers to share advice and answer questions about different fields within the industry. Staff from 4ZZZQMusic and Music Industry Inside Out will also be on hand, as well as special guests from the Association of Artist Managers.

Our very first event for 2018 will give people the opportunity to meet other band managers, or aspiring band managers and also DIY-managed musicians. Get together, pick each other’s brains and continue to build your own networks. We’ll also have a couple of reps from the Association of Artist Managers there too. If you’re interested in joining up, head over to their membership page.

Check out all the details at the Music Industry Inside Out website and click 'Going' over at the Facebook Event Page.

Music Industry Inside Out, 4ZZZ, QMusic and Bloodhound Bar presents
Themed Music Industry Networking Event

WHEN: 5.30pm for a 6pm start till 9pm.
WHERE: Bloodhound Bar (Upstairs)
$6 entry, free tacos on arrival, drink specials

Coming up:
Tuesday Mar 6 – CIRCULATE with Women in Music
Tuesday April 3 – CIRCULATE with Sync & Publishing Professionals

Published: 23 Jan 2018 by QMusic Newsdesk