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It’s possible to waste years trying to achieve something within our industry when the right advice would have set you on the right path much sooner. QMusic’s Music Action Plan (MAP) is a popular service available to members for only $70 for individuals ($190 non-members). A one-on-one session with a highly experienced music industry professional to discuss your goals can help to assist in defining and working towards achieving them. Fill in this online questionnaire now to book a session

A MAP meeting lasts for one hour. Your selected professional will peruse your personal details, discuss them further with you and assist in putting together a plan to help achieve your career goals.  Prior to attending the MAP session you are asked to prepare by completing an on-line questionnaire that gets you to focus on your short term goals as well as your business and financial structure and gaps. You will end the MAP session with a list of actions which may include information on resources, contacts, support mechanisms and funding appropriate to you and your career objectives.

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QMusic has supported hundreds of artists and industry with its MAP service since 2000. Find out how to turn your music dreams into reality and walk out with some real music career goals to pursue.

(Prices include GST)

  • Individual MAP for QMusic member: $70
  • Individual MAP for non-QMusic member: $190
  • Group MAP for QMusic member group: $130
  • Group MAP for non QMusic member group: $245

'Group' refers to any business, organisation, collective, partnership or band with more than one member.

The price of MAPs and many other QMusic services are greatly reduced for QMusic members. Visit the Membership page for more info on becoming a member.

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Published: 30 Mar 2017 by QMusic Newsdesk