1. I don't live in Queensland. Can I enter the Queensland Music Awards?
No - only artists residing in Queensland are eligible to enter.

2. How many songs can I enter?
You can enter as many songs as you like.

3. Can I enter the same song in different categories?
Yes. An individual song may be entered into multiple categories but it will incur an entry fee for each category.

4. What are the categories that I can enter my songs in to?

• Pop
• Rock
• Heavy
• Blues / roots
• Country
• Electronic / Dance
• Urban
• Jazz
• Schools (grade 6 – 12)
• Folk / Singer Songwriter
• World

Please do NOT combine the above categories as one category (e.g.: Pop/World)

5. I don’t know which category best suits my song. Can you choose for me?
No, we can’t help you make that decision so please choose your category carefully.

6. I want to enter songs I have written in to the Queensland Music Awards but I can't sing. Can I get someone else to sing/perform them?
Yes, you can.

7. Is there an age limit?
No, there is no age limit except for the school category which is Grades 6 – 12.

8. Can I enter lyrics only?
No. We currently do not have a lyrics only category.

9. Who judges the songs?
A panel of national music industry professionals assesses the entries according to categories. Profiles of the judges will be made available on the Queensland Music Awards website in April.

10. How are the songs judged?
The songs in the genre categories are NOT judged on production values. Each song is judged on innovation, lyrical content, song architecture, expression and musicianship. All genre entries will be judged anonymously.

The Album of the Year is judged on production and songwriting.

The Most Popular Male, Most Popular Female and Most Popular Group categories will be nominated by music industry professionals.

11. Why do I have to pay an entry fee?
Q Music is a not for profit organization and we are not funded for this particular event. We rely on sponsorship and entry fees to allow us to run the Queensland Music Awards and grow it each year to give recognition to our best songwriters. Your entry fee contributes to the whole process.

12. How much does it cost to enter Q Song?

  Each Song       
Q Music Adult Member $11
Adult Non-Member $22
School Entries $11

The above prices include GST.

13. How can I join Q Music so that I pay less to enter the Queensland Music Awards?
It's easy. You can join on line through the Q Music website

14. When is the closing date?
The closing date for entries is:

  • For online entries: Midnight Monday 30 April 2012
  • For physical entries: Postmarked Friday 27 April 2012

15.Will I get my entry returned at the end of the competition?

16. Can I enter instrumental songs?
Yes, you can enter instrumental songs in all categories. In the case of physical entries please make this clear on your entry form.

17. Can I get feedback on my song?
Q Music is currently not able to offer a feedback service for The Queensland Music Awards.

18. How many finalists will be chosen in each category?
There are four finalists in each category.

19. How do I get considered for Album of the Year?
This category will be nominated by music industry professionals. Full length albums released between June 2011 and May 2012 are eligible for this category. Q Music obtains lists from both major and independent labels of releases by Queensland artists during that period for consideration. If you have self–released an album during that timeframe that you think we might not be aware of please email us the album title/artist name and release date and a link to listen to the album to info@qmusic.com.au - Deadline for receipt of nominations: Midnight on 12 May 2012.

20. When are the finalists notified?
All finalists will be notified via email on Monday 2 July 2012. They will be asked to provide a photo and bio for promotional use and will be considered for media opportunities relating to the event.

21. When will the finalists be announced?
Finalists will be announced on 2 July 2012 on the Queensland Music Awards website

22. When are the winners announced?
At the Queensland Music Awards night on Tuesday 14 August at The Old Museum.

23. How can I attend the Awards Night?
Tickets will be available for purchase through the Queensland Music Awards website from 2nd July when the finalists are announced.