Highly Commended

With so many songs entered in the awards, judges faced a very hard decision of selecting the finalist in each category Q Music would like to acknowledge the list of following HIGHLY COMMENDED artists from our judging panel.

Ignorance is Bliss Blooddrawn Silence
Arouzin' Yispouse Liam Hatherly, Adam Reilly, Angus Broadfoot, David Sparks
No Crown Adam Reilly, Liam Hatherly, Angus Broadfoot, David Sparks
Eagle Throws Goat Off Cliff Adam Reilly, Liam Hatherly, Angus Broadfoot, David Sparks
How to Shampoo a Yak Adam Reilly, Liam Hatherly, Angus Broadfoot, David Sparks
Rust The Medics
I'll Ask You One More Time Louise Denson Group
Reverie Kylie Southwell
Get Funked Jazzerati
Change Your Tune Craig Burnett, Chris Poulsen, Jeremy O'Connor
Part of the Way David Megarrity, Sam Vincent
All I Wanna Bec Laughton
Overpass The John Steel Singers
The Maker Matthew Vale
Coming Around Hungry Kids of Hungary
Sad Rude Future Dude Ball Park Music
Strangers Rawr Vanity
Don't Change Sterling Silver
$12 Specs Oceanics
WTF Streamer Bendy
Two Steps Dana Hassall
Last Boat Montpelier
Trans Funk Dave Dow & The Human Groove
Save Some For The Others Busby Marou
Meridional Anthony Garcia & William Barton
If It's Not Right Zennith
Which Way Basoki
Double Standards Zennith
Strangers Rawr Vanity
Wild And Free Becc Holdorf
Demons Only Dance At Night Calais
Kelley Jessica Coleman
Invasion of The Isolated Annika de Hesse
Shattered Strange Angel
Here To Stay Imogen Kars
Stone Cold Stephen Smith
Save My Brother First Romany Elmas
Venomous Kirsten Allendorf
Lost & Found (feat. Jemma Farley) Scripted Dialects
BoomTown Shuffle Vegas Aces
For Today Choose Mics
Life As It Is DNA
Really Jess McGarry
Never Leave Me - Featuring Irae, James Eyre, Tommy Grafiti & Mirage Takeover
No Place Like Home Urban Prophetz
Keep On Running Disco-Matt MC
Point the Bone Dubmarine
In the Coals Garry Koehler
Keen Eye for The Ordinary Garry Koehler
Deep North Town 8 Ball Aitken
Long Way Dana Hassall
I'm Gone Jacqui Ryan, Lyn Bowtell
Cry Jacqui Ryan, Lyn Bowtell
Need You Now Jacqui Ryan, Lyn Bowtell
I Loved You Anyway Jenna Brooks
Rain Tonight Luella Widt, Benjy Pocock
Yes Luella Widt, Benjy Pocock
Back To The Brisbane River The O'Donnells
Betterman District Of East
Georgetown Hannah Karydas
The Coward Ben Salter
Fifteen Minutes The Videomatics
2+2=3 The Strums
Beams of Light Jeremy Neale, Jesse Hawkins
Japan We All Want To
Buzzkill Jeremy Neale, Jesse Hawkins
Nice Fights Mr. Maps
My Head Capital Control
In The Springtime Jeremy Neale
Icarus Falling Kylie Southwell
Les Fleurs Qui Fanent (Rachenitsa) 'Flowers That Wilt' Mzaza
Do You Love ? Low Pressure Productions
Lorelleaveous The Leaping Lizards
Kalimera Yemanja
Quer Querer Yemanja
Jerabee Low Pressure Productions
Le Temps Qui Passe (Ratevka/Razvrastanata)(trans: Time Passes) Mzaza
Jah The Light Dave Dow & The Human Groove
Data Collection/CCTV The Videomatics
Secrets The Videomatics
Apex Pigeon
This Bridge Is Burnt! Aislinn Sharp
Bigger & Bigger Geoff Hooton
2013 The [F] Bots
I Started Saying It Too Liam Griffin
The Horsebreaker Greg Cathcart
This Counting Life Timothy Carroll
Sense of the East Timothy Carroll
Embers Burn Kate Martin
I Believe In Love Damian Black
Then Again Maybe Greg Cathcart
Demons Nick Warren
Peace Rhiannon Hart & The Umm-Ahhs
Shoot The Bastards Dead Bede Lipman
The Bird Who Forgot How to Sing Kelsie Rimmer
Winter Emma Barlow
Highway of Dreams Alan Boyle
Could've Been Worse Steve Grady
Crazy Brilliant Mess Gina Horswood
Watch The Sky Leah Martin-Brown (Lilly Rouge)
Good Time Music 8 Ball Aitken
Point the Bone Dubmarine
The Pilgrim Returns Low Pressure Productions
I'm On Fire Tim Orchard/Stars of Thursday
Brotherhood and Patience Patrick Levi
Underwhelmed The Flumes
Which Way Basoki
If It's Not Right Zennith
Trans Funk Dave Dow & The Human Groove
Climbin the Vine The Flumes
Grave Consequences Undead Apes
Tangalooma The John Steel Singers
Wire Empire Mr Maps
Deja What Blank Realm
This Old Leather Heart Silent Feature Era
Sport Re_Enactment
The End of Everything Keep on Dancins
Fire! Romance! Fire My Fiction
Youngbloods Amity Affliction
Busby Marou Busby Marou