James Blundell - WINNER

Song Title: Move Into The City

Writers: James Blundell, Kim Richey

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Norma O'Hara Murphy

Song Title: Whiskey Gully Road

Writers: Norma O'Hara Murphy

Roz Pappalardo

Song Title: Lifeboat

Writers: Roz Pappalardo

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The McMenamins

Song Title: Umbrella Town

Writers: Fleur McMenamin, Simon McMenamin

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Highly Commended

SongWritten by
Deep North Town8 Ball Aitken
Save Some For The OthersThomas Busby, Jeremy Marou
Long WayDana Hassall
BettermanMike Mogridge, Chris Dowdle, Brenton Fitzgerald, Travis Hagstrom, Matthew Heindorff
georgetownhannah karydas
I'm GoneJacqui Ryan, Lyn Bowtell
CryJacqui Ryan, Lyn Bowtell
Need you NowJacqui Ryan, Lyn Bowtell
I Loved You AnywayJenna Brooks
Rain TonightLuella Widt, Benjy Pocock
YesLuella Widt, Benjy Pocock
In the CoalsGarry Koehler
Keen Eye for the OrdinaryGarry Koehler
Back To The Brisbane RiverJohn O'Donnell, Wendy O'Donnell