Kooii - WINNER

Song Title: One Step

Writers: Peter Hunt, Tom Hinchliffe, Dom Hede, Lachlan Mitchell

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Bobby Alu

Song Title: Love You More

Writers: Charles Wall, Paul Bromley, Stewart Barry, Grant Gerathy

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Song Title: The Murder Ballad of Miss Belle Noir

Writers: Kylie Southwell

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Song Title: Double Standards

Writers: Astro Brim

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Highly Commended

SongWritten by
Good Time Music8 Ball Aitken
Which WayDaniel Dow
Trans FunkDave Dow, Mike Politanski
Point the BoneTerry Cassels, Paul Watson, Paul Donehue, Jeremie Nagabbo, Angela Gadd, Matthew Burgess, Joel Alexander
The Pilgrim ReturnsJali Buba Kuyateh , Owen J Newcomb, Nick Aggs, Shannon Sol Carroll, Mark Henman, Anthony Aggs
brotherhood and patiencepatrick levi
Climbin the VineKayt Wallace, stephan Beattie
UnderwhelmedKayt Wallace, Stephan Beattie
I'm On FireTim Orchard
If It's Not RightAstro Brim, Linsday Snider