The Barleyshakes - WINNER

Song Title: Between The Green and The Blue

Writers: Alan Kelly

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Anthony Garcia & William Barton

Song Title: Moreton Bay

Writers: Anthony Garcia, William Barton

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Song Title: Merchants of Sin

Writers: Kylie Southwell

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The Leaping Lizards

Song Title: Crawling From The Wreckage

Writers: Ron Dimmick, Donna Reynolds

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Highly Commended

SongWritten by
MeridionalAnthony Garcia, William Barton
Jah The LightDave Dow
Icarus FallingKylie Southwell
Do you love ? Jali Buba Kuyateh, Owen J Newcomb, Nick Aggs, Shannon Sol Carroll, Mark Henman, Marcello Millani
JerabeeJali Buba Kuyateh, Owen J Newcomb, Nick Aggs, Shannon Sol Carroll , Mark Henman
Le Temps Qui Passe (Ratevka/Razvrastanata)(trans: Time Passes)Pauline Maudy, Greta Kelly, Jordan Stamos, Stephen Cuttriss
Les Fleurs Qui Fanent (Rachenitsa) 'Flowers That Wilt'Pauline Maudy, Greta Kelly, Stephen Cuttriss, Jordan Stamos
LorelleaveousRon Dimmick, Liam Kilpatrick
KalimeraEdson Fernandes Gazani, Anita Fernandes Gazani
Quer QuererEdson Fernandes Gazani