Kingfisha - WINNER

Song Title: Fallen Empire

Writers: Anthony Forrest, Shannon Green

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Song Title: Piece of the Puzzle

Writers: Anthony Forrest, Shannon Green, Andrew Stephens, Jason Leca, David Bell

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Song Title: Love is a Devil

Writers: Louise O'Reilly, Paul Hannan

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Nat Dunn

Song Title: Fool's Fate

Writers: Natalie Dunn, Pip Norman, Mark Pearl

Highly Commended

Artist/PerformerSongwriter/sSong Title
Bobby AluCharles Wall, Paul Bromley, Stewart Barry, Grant GerathyYou Know
Good OakStephen Ryan, Thomas Busby, Brett GibsonFill My Cup
Good OakStephen Ryan , Thomas Busby , Brett Gibson The Bear Song
Hailey CalvertHailey CalvertWant me like Before
The LyricalKarl Smith, Hailey CalvertThe Love
The McMenaminsFleur McMenamin, Simon McMenaminMy Way Home