Laique - WINNER

Song Title: Closing Time

Writers: Kylie Southwell

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Lizzie O'Keefe

Song Title: Leaden Heart

Writers: Lizzie O'Keefe, Steeve Body

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Rafael Karlen

Song Title: The Promise of Postcards

Writers: Rafael Karlen, Euan Gray

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Song Title: Korona

Writers: Adrian Fabila, Lee Groves

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Highly Commended

Artist/PerformerSongwriter/sSong Title
Andrew Butt Trio +Andrew ButtLullaby for Sarah-Jane & Catherine
Andrew Butt Trio +Andrew ButtHere & Now
Dave Kemp GroupDavid KempBent
Dave Kemp GroupDavid KempAttention Disorderly Deficit
Dave Kemp GroupDavid KempBlues Oddity
LaiqueKylie SouthwellAt First Blush
The Tinderbox SparkLauren Istvandity, Lachlan BellNo Greymads
Tyrone and LesleyDavid Megarrity, Samuel VincentOld Fashioned