I don't live in Queensland.  Can I enter Q Song?
No - only song writers residing on Queensland are eligible to enter.

What is the definition of an "unpublished" songwriter?
Those entering their songs in to Q Song must not have a publishing deal with a music publisher

How many songs can I enter?
As many as you like.

Can I enter the same song in different categories?
Yes.  An individual song may be entered into multiple categories but it will incur an entry fee for each category.

What are the categories that I can enter my songs in to?

• Pop
• Country
• Punk
• Alternative
• Rock
• Urban
• World
• Jazz
• Blues / Roots
• Gospel / Spiritual
• Primary School (school children in the years 1 - 7)
• Secondary School (school children in the years 8 - 12)
• Folk / Ballad
• Dance/Electronic
• Pacific Island

Please do NOT combine the above categories as one category (e.g.: Pop/World)

I don’t know which category best suits my song. Can you choose for me?
No, we can’t help you make that decision so please choose your category carefully.

I want to enter songs I have written in to Q Song but I can't sing. Can I get someone else to sing/perform them?
Yes, you can.

Is there an age Limit?
No, there is no age limit except for the school aged categories.

Secondary School: years 8 - 12
Primary School: Years 1 - 7

Can I enter lyrics only?
No. We currently do not have a lyrics only category.

Who judges the songs?
A panel of Queensland Music Industry professionals assesses the entries according to categories. Profiles of the judges will be made available after the judging process.

Past judges have included: Noel Mengel (The Courier-Mail), Matt Connors (The Courier-Mail), Steve Bell (Editor of Time Off Magazine), Sarah Howells (Triple J), Lucas Moore(4zzzFM), Stuart Watters (AIR), Quentin Ellison (4zzzfm), Leanne de Souza (Manager of Kate Miller-Heidke and Transport).

How are the songs judged?
The songs are NOT judged on production values. Each song is judged on innovation, lyrical content, song architecture, expression and musicianship.  All Q Song entries will be judged anonymously by the competition judges.

Why do I have to pay an entry fee?
Q Music is a not for profit organization and we are not funded for this particular event. We rely on sponsorship and entry fees to allow us to run Q Song and provide the prize money for each category and grow it each year to give recognition to our best songwriters. Your entry fee contributes to the whole process.

How much does it cost to enter Q Song?

  Songs 1, 2 $ 3* Songs 4+
Q Music Adult Members $30* $10 each song
Adult Non-Members $30 each song $20 each song
School Entries $15 each song $10 each song

*Q Music Members – If you are only entering 1 or 2 songs, the $30 minimum charge still applies

How can I join Q Music so that I pay less to enter Q Song?
It's easy. You can join on line through the Q Music website

When is the closing date?
The closing date for entries is:
For online entries: Midnight Friday 28th May 2010
For physical entries: postmarked 5.00pm, Friday 28th May 2010

Will I get my entry returned at the end of the competition?

Can I enter instrumental songs?
Yes, you can enter instrumental songs in all categories. In the case of physical entries please make this clear on your entry form.

Can I get feedback on my song?
Q Music is currently not able to offer a feedback service for Q Song.

How many finalists will be chosen in each category?
There are four finalists in each category.

When are the finalists notified?
All finalists will be notified via email at the end of June 2010. All finalists will be asked to submit a photo and biography for promotional purposes. Finalists may be asked to include their track as a FREE download for the Courier-Mail and ABC websites.

When will the finalists be announced?
Finalists will be announced at the end of June 2010 through the media, our newsletter Broadcast and the Q Song website.

When are the winners announced?
At the Q Song Awards night on Tuesday, August 10th at The Tivoli.