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2019 Program


Starting at Zero

The 'Starting at Zero' workshop presents a snapshot of the current music industry and gives you a chance to understand the market you are in. This workshop will also give you an opportunity to know the key functions of QMusic and APRA AMCOS, and how they can help you create a sustainable music industry career.

Get Good

At the heart of the music industry is the song. A song that has an authentic and genuine story to tell. A song people can relate to. This workshop will introduce a panel of Industry professionals who work specifically in this realm and will give you an opportunity to get your song heard.

It's a Business

While a great song is at the heart of the music industry and stories of success, understanding your creative micro business (artist and industry) and its structure can be the key to unlocking new revenue streams. This workshop sees creative business professionals share information and tools - helping you understand revenue streams and how to monetise them.

Getting It Out There

In a digital world that is musically more competitive and crowded than ever before, what are the avenues for getting your music out to a public audience? Working with publicists, this workshop will give you a lowdown on their roles and provide you with a one-on-one feedback session.

Click Here

A transforming music industry landscape, hand in hand with a social revolution, has made the role of content and brand crucial. In an overcrowded and distracted social space how do you build an authentic brand across multiple social media platforms during and outside of release cycles? Click Here will provide you with the know-how to build your online presence and be visible in a saturated market.

The Release Cycle

Now you are across key music industry practices: making great songs, building revenue streams for your music, getting it out there, and building an authentic digital marketing plan. It’s time to bring it all together in a powerful tool: The Release Cycle.