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Making safer spaces in live music so everyone can have a top night out.

QMusic Concert Care

QMusic is set to tackle gender-based violence head on with our Concert Care Program.

When you read that 1 in 2 women* experience sexual assault in their lifetime, and that 74% of female sexual assault survivors don’t realise they’ve been assaulted, we know sh#t needs to change.

And it starts with the behaviours and attitudes about gender and sexuality that have been so normalised they're an expected and accepted part of a night out, but are, in fact, assault and harassment.

Through ‘Tips to a Top Night Out’, we are taking an accessible approach to changing problematic societal behaviours and attitudes about gender and sexuality with messages like ‘Groping is for Gronks’, ‘Clothing isn’t Consent’, ‘Don’t be a D!ck’ and more.

It’s time to create a new social code that no longer blurs the lines of what is ok and what isn’t, and to offer more support and intervention options on-ground at events.

As well as raising awareness and providing a shared language to address specific behaviours and attitudes, QMusic has introduced a number of on-ground measures, including a dedicated safe space crewed by counsellors, roaming mental health peers and an increase of female-identifying security guards to provide more options for those seeking help or support at events.

We are committed to doing our part to help drive long term social change for safer spaces in the music industry and wider community.

And this really is just the next step in what will be an ever-growing and continually evolving program to make safer spaces at all QMusic events, including the much anticipated return of BIGSOUND in September 2022.

We invite you to join us on this journey and share feedback and ideas as we evolve.

*Women/female and men/male gender and sex associations used in the above statistics are defined by the individual reporting bodies and utilised in its data. QMusic recognises a broader spectrum of gender and acknowledges a gap in the publicly-accessible reported statistics on underrepresented communities.

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This is just the start of what will be a growing and continually improving part of all future QMusic events, so your feedback is invaluable to helping get it right. 

You can provide feedback on QMusic Concert Care and/or the Tips for a Top Night Out at safety@qmusic.com.au.

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