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Tips for
a Top
Night Out

Everyone should feel safe to go out and have a top night, right? 

When you read stats like 1 in 2 women* experience sexual assault in their lifetime, and that 74% of female* sexual assault survivors don’t realise they’ve been assaulted, kinda makes you realise how badly sh*t needs to change.

It’s time to create a new social code that no longer blurs the lines of what is ok and what isn’t. 

Check out our top tips, submit your own, share it on socials, and together, we can make every night out a #TopNightOut for everyone!

*Women/female and men/male gender and sex associations used in the above statistics are defined by the individual reporting bodies and utilised in its data. QMusic recognises a broader spectrum of gender and acknowledges a gap in the publicly-accessible reported statistics on underrepresented communities.

How to make it a top night out...

Submit your tip for a Top Night Out!

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