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A Special Farewell

from Sue McComber and Roxy Noori

"As you can see I drew the short straw - truth be told there was only one straw so these few words are a joint effort from Roxy and me.

When we started at QMusic 15 years ago, more or less, it was an organisation under considerable financial strain. On its knees, wondering if there was a fatal blow coming.

We know that some of you can identify with that scenario given the year we have had. We hope that you take a glimmer of encouragement from being here tonight to see QMusic, some 15 years later, farewelling Roxy and me.

While the early years were challenging, looking back the overwhelming legacy of that period in QMusic’s history was the tenacity, resilience, resourcefulness and the sheer bloody-mindedness of the leadership team, exemplified by Denise Foley who was CEO at the time and the Board.

That legacy has never been more on display than from March this year when QMusic had to pivot from being a producer of physical events to a producer of virtual events. The turnaround time frames were short and the learning curve very, very, very steep.

To the QMusic team, your efforts produced outstanding results. Thank you for building on and enhancing the QMusic legacy. We are in awe of what you achieved.

To the CEOs we have worked with, Angela Samut, Joel Edmondson and Denise Foley, to the current QMusic team and Board and to our former colleagues and Board members we thank you for your commitment to QMusic and the support, encouragement and friendship that you have given to us over the years.

It is safe to say that we will always have a soft spot for QMusic and that we wish the organisation every success.

And to you all, we hope that in 2021 tenacity, resilience, resourcefulness and a dash of sheer bloody-mindedness rule!"

Thank you.

Sue McComber
15 years served at QMusic