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Artists shed light on their biggest learnings

Dig into six musicians #1 piece of advice and the big lessons music has taught them. From playing friendly with people and experimenting with your style, through to having music by your side as a mental health coping mechanism.

Featuring artists presenting at 2019 Industry Connect workshops (RSVPs still open!): Paces, Doolie, DVNA, Jaguar Jonze, The Kite String Tangle, The Middle East.


"Always celebrate the baby steps and small wins. Define your own success."

Artist, Jaguar Jonze

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Q. What’s one piece of advice you would give aspiring artists and musicians?

In the early days, copy your favourite artists. It's a great way to learn the ropes. Then once you've got the basics, start experimenting to find your own style. Take elements of your faves and combine them in different ways until you've found a unique sound. That's when you're ready to start releasing music. - Mike Perry (Paces)

Every opportunity is an opportunity, no matter how big, small, strange or normal - SAY YES TO EVERYTHING!! I sound crazy I know, but for me this is true! Sometimes it's not the best, but it’s what helps develop you as an artist and as someone good to work with. Even the bad opportunities can help highlight what to look out for, if you look at it in the right way - everything will lead to something. - Doolie Shadforth (Doolie)

Keep going, keep pushing. If you want it bad enough you can absolutely have it. But you need to work for it, stay true to yourself and stay very humble! Also, give without expecting anything in return. Have fun! - Dana Lowrey (DVNA)

Don't spread yourself too thin (I constantly have to remind myself of this). Music has a lot to do with luck, but the harder you work the luckier you seem to get. - Danny Harley (The Kite String Tangle)

Kendrick said it best, be humble. Also, if you live outside of a major city, make sure you go play some music in one. - Mark Myers (Producer + The Middle East)

Q. What’s the biggest lesson music has taught you?

The more energy you put into music, the more likely it will come back to you. Do as much as you can! Study music theory, make beats every day even if you only have 10 mins, try things that are outside of your comfort zone. You'll always be glad you did it. - Mike Perry (Paces)

There's so many!! The biggest one is THINGS CHANGE AND IT’S OKAY. I never really knew this until as recent as this year, but the people I'm working with now have actually shown me that you need to work with change, and it's better to build a flexible career expecting the change, rather than a step by step career without expecting it, because change is sometimes for the better. - Doolie Shadforth (Doolie)

Push through your creative ruts. If you want it bad enough, work for it. By doing a huge volume of work, you get better and you become the artist you want to be and make the music you've always wanted to sound like. - Dana Lowrey (DVNA)

Honestly, music has taught me so much about myself that I didn't know about, in regards to my mental health coping mechanisms, that it has helped bring my walls down and allow me to connect with people and be more connected with myself. - Deena Lynch (Jaguar Jonze)

Perseverance is key. - Danny Harley (The Kite String Tangle)

Music has taught me to play well with others. Not that I think I ever had a problem with that, but music certainly challenges friendships. Music isn't as much fun on your own so this is important. - Mark Myers (Producer + The Middle East)

Q. So what do you do?

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