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Chill With Paces

In The Studio with Paris Irwin

Last fortnight Paris Irwin, winner of the Industry Connect ‘Chill with Paces’ mentoring session spent an afternoon at Alchemix Recording Studios with Paces to gain some priceless industry insight, feedback on her songs and whip up a groovy new tune with the Gold Coast based producer.

“It really helped to kick my head in gear for what I’ve got coming up. I’ve been working so hard on the launch of my project and this experience really reminded me why I’m doing what I’m doing.”

Q. Paris, how'd the Chill with Paces go? What did you guys get up to?

It was genuinely the best experience! I cannot thank QMusic enough for giving me the opportunity, I really had the best day. Mikey is such talented, positive guy and he made the session so comfortable and fun. He let me pick his brain to no end about any queries I had regarding the industry and I definitely took away some priceless information from the experience.

We pretty much just kicked the session off by getting to know one another and he was kind enough to let me show him a bunch of my music. It was really nice getting a fresh perspective on some things and also just hearing general feedback and whatnot. We then went ahead and wrote something from scratch which was heaps of fun and we ended up concocting a pretty groovy track. The narrative behind the song essentially discusses the struggle behind trying to talk to someone who’s quite stupid. It was a funny idea I had while driving to the studio and it evolved into quite a catchy song, I’m excited to see where it goes.

It was really easy to let our creativity run rampant in the amazing space we were in, Alchemix Studios. The area is massive and is filled with heaps of gorgeous little knick knacks that make you feel really comfortable. It was also completely decked out with a baby grand piano, a few keyboards and not to mention a lovely little kitchen with a tea station and all. I definitely took advantage of that as the biggest thing I’ve learnt through all the recording I’ve done in the last year is that tea is essential for any good session.

All in all I had a fantastic time and it was a really motivating experience.

Q. Have you been in a studio like Alchemix before?

Only a few times but it’s definitely a rarity. I’m more used to working out of smaller scale home studios, so being in such a decked out space was definitely an experience and a half. I would 100% recommend Alchemix to anyone who was looking for a cool space to write and record in.

Alchemix Recording Studios is a two-studio complex which has been running since 1998 with producer Marly Lüske who offers production, recording, mixing and mastering to local artists. The studio has also been used by the likes of Deep Purple and the Black Eyed Peas.

The control room is decked out with a Protools System, which is fed by their Customized 70's Yamaha Desk, Outboard Compressors, EQ's, Tape Machines and a variety of Sound Effects Units. A large range of; Organs, a Piano, a Fender Rhodes Keyboard, and some Guitar Amps are always present in the Live Room.

Based in West End at 4/24 Brereton St. Visit their website here for more information.


Q. What was the biggest thing you took away from the day?

I think the biggest thing I took away from the day was to honestly just keep going. Music is hard work and this industry is pretty unforgiving, so it was nice to get such serious encouragement from someone that's actually in the business. It really helped to kick my head in gear for what I’ve got coming up. I’ve been working so hard on the launch of my project and this experience really reminded me why I’m doing what I’m doing. I’m so passionate about what I’m creating and Mikey’s mentoring helped reassure me that I’m heading in the right direction which was beyond valuable. I really feel like I’ve not only made a wonderful industry connection, but a great friend.

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