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CLIPPED is Australia’s premiere Music Video Festival, and it's returning for it's 3rd year in 2018! 

The festival will take place as part of Vivid Sydney on Saturday 2nd June at CARRIAGEWORKS and showcase work from around the world, with a particular focus on Australian & New Zealand Filmmakers.

CLIPPED continues to pioneer a unique festival format that includes the screening of high caliber music videos in an exhibition, award ceremonies / screening nights, premieres, VJs and even exclusive workshops. It will also host a number of discussion panels featuring a diverse lineup of acclaimed directors, filmmakers, music industry and artists.

Filmmakers & Artists are encouraged to submit their best music videos to be considered for the awards, prizes (to be announced soon) and opportunity to be showcased at the event in front of key industry personnel. Entries close 7 May.

CLIPPED does not believe in charging music video creators exploitative fees for submitting their work. It's already a tough industry full of passionate people, many which are working on little budgets and therefore we're trying to offer up affordable opportunities for filmmakers to showcase their work. All of the funds go into making the event happen.

Head to the CLIPPED website below to learn more and to submit your videos!

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