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Cloe Terare releases ‘Easy’

Single written at the QMusic Songwriting Retreat

At last years QMusic Songwriting Retreat (formerly known as Amplify) Brisbane electronic pop/soul artist Cloe Terare was paired with songwriting mentor and electronic r’n’b artist DVNA to co-write a new song. 

The end result ‘Easy’ explores the progression of feelings in a relationship and resulted in Cloe being awarded the GYROstream PR Package at a Listening Party on the final day of the Songwriting Retreat. James Russel from Heliport Studios added in an extra surprise offering to record and mix the single. 

Sunshine Coast's Dorah Jacson who also attended the QMusic Songwriting Retreat plays acoustic guitar on the track.


“Amplify was surreal. Everyone there was so positive, supportive and willing to give everything a go. The collaborative nature and freedom of creativity was so great for music making. It was also great to get an idea in such a short time frame how diverse and differently people operate in session settings. Nothing was a 'bad idea', everyone was super supportive and genuinely wanted to see one another do well. The level of quality of music was really incredible considering the time restrictions.”

Cloe Terare
2019 QMusic Songwriting Retreat Participant

Q. How did the song start?

The song started with Dana (DNVA) and I getting to know each other and talking about things close to us that we know how to write about. We started going through a few different sounds and hooks I really liked and stringing together chords etc. We started in a different direction and struggled finding melodies for a while; we didn't really like it and only had four hours to write, so eventually we just scratched the whole thing and went a completely different way and the rest really flowed and the song was written quite quickly. 

[The process] kind of revolved around one melody we both loved and the rest followed that.

Q. How valuable has the GYROstream PR package been?

The Gyrostream PR package has been incredible. Working with this team has given me so much insight into what a good release looks like; techniques to use, what to have ready and when, as well as a genuinely supportive and approachable team. 

They really know what they're doing and it's a massive difference from releasing on your own. It's been a whole new level and I'm so grateful for them.

Q. What's the most valuable thing you learnt from your time at the QMusic Songwriting Retreat and being involved with the Industry Connect program?

The most valuable thing I have learnt through the Songwriting Retreat is to be confident in session settings and openly collaborate. I was worried beforehand about how I'd go being put into rooms with strangers and making art - but the Retreat really shows you how to go into a session and get something good out of the time you spend there. After the Retreat, collaborating with other people and going into recording or writing sessions wasn't so daunting because I felt like I'd done it heaps of times now! 

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