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Professional Development Program

Presented by BEMAC

BEMAC is proud to announce the launch of their new EMERGE Professional Development Program. 

Tailored to support and empower young people who are embarking on the journey of the emerging artist, EMERGE aims to bestow skills, information and insight, while facilitating and supporting the creation of supportive networks and collaborations. 

BEMAC believes in the power of the arts to transcend social barriers, personal limitations and the constructs that inhibit cross-cultural harmony and understanding. Supporting the creative freedom and expression of young, emerging artists of diverse backgrounds, they believe, is an integral component of building our collective future.

In alignment with parent organisation Access and their mantra of ‘Creating Equal Opportunities’, EMERGE programs and events harness the power of arts and music to empower, upskill and connect emerging artists of culturally and linguistically diverse, as well as Indigenous backgrounds. Providing workshops and professional performance opportunities and support. 

The first three EMERGE programs will cover DIY home recording (RECORD), singer-songwriting skills (THRIVE) and performance (CULTIVATE).

Check out each workshop below and register to attend!

EMERGE: Professional Development Program

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