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Upcoming Live & Local Workshops


Calling all artists and arts workers! Live & Local, presented by Creative Arts Alliance, is a new regional live music project in partnership with five SEQ regional areas and the Live Music Office Australia. The series is a grassroots-focussed and driven program to create paid opportunities for regional small businesses including technical crew, photographers, videographers, curators, and arts workers. 

QMusic's very own Development and Program Manager Dom Miller will be presenting a series of panels and workshops in Sunshine Coast, Redlands Coast, Noosa, Moreton Bay, and Gympie! From elevating the local scene, business basics, to the foundations of putting on incredible gigs, the workshops will be filled with valuable takeaways for emerging artists and those pursuing roles off-stage. 


About The Workshops

Competition Vs Collective

Nobody goes to Vegas for one casino. Artists working together, businesses working together and how this is beneficial to the whole economy. This panel investigates how you can do this in an entrepreneurial way that sees everyone make bank and elevate not only the local music scene but become an attractive option for touring artists.

Music Foundations

It’s not just about plugging in and playing. If you want to earn money from music, there are a few things you need to do as well as write bangers. This panel will discuss the tools you need to put in place to put on your own shows, get gigs and get paid. Foundational topics include playing, promoting and performing and how to make your shows as good as they can be.

The Business of Gigs

You’ve got a gig, got an idea for a gig, a mate has a spare backyard or reckon you are ready for that festival down the road… What now? To make your gigs as successful as possible you need to put in the work and get the basics right - what’s the budget, what’s the outcome, what’s the reason you are doing it in your career story? This panel will help you gain the knowledge you need to make your dreams reality.

The Music Business: Getting Started

You might know how to play a guitar or pour a beer, but that doesn’t mean you can start off a career in music or just put some musicians on your stage. This panel will give you the basics about what you need to start a music business, from the basics to the “intangibles”, these experts will let you in on the things they’ve learned from years of experience in the music industry.

Music Business: Making Music Your Career

So you feel like you have the basics. You know how to play, where to play, how to get a gig and the basics are sorted. Now what? This panel will give you the knowledge you need to take your music to the next level, to make your music your career as well as dive into ideas around diversity and future proofing your business in the event of … say … a world-wide pandemic.