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MEET: daste

Electro-funk Gold Coast trio, daste have recently released their exploratory and concept-driven debut EP Palette: “a delicious dish of food; a wide palette of different flavours and textures that make up the overall taste”.

The trio are all attending this years Industry Connect program on the GC and we’ve had a chance to quiz them on how their distinctive visual identity came about, the creation of Palette, and their thoughts on Industry Connect’s presence on the Coast.

Q. Tell us a little about daste

We formed in early 2018. Braxton and I met through music class back in high school and then we all connected through university. The three of us were playing in another band on the Gold Coast at the time I showed Cal a very early demo of Thinkin’ Of on my phone. We were all keen to try something with it and after one session we knew that we had started something special. That first session really portrayed our chemistry together and you couldn’t ignore everyone’s sense of understanding toward each other in the studio. The name daste came up a long while before the project took off but we always wanted to stick with it. – Tyler Harden, daste


Q. daste has a really distinctive look to your artwork and press shots, is this something that came pretty naturally or did it take some time to develop?

That came about very naturally. We had a very large vision from the start and really aimed to make a good first impression through our visuals. The artwork and overall aesthetic needed to complement the minimalistic nature of the songs they were portraying. So, each of the three singles had their own colour making them vibrant and memorable to the eye. We work closely with our friend/collaborator Tayla Brunt to bring our visions to reality, always aiming to make it all connect. – Callum MacDonald, daste. 

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Q. You've just released your debut EP, what's the process been like putting it together?

The idea for Palette appeared just after after our first single Thinkin’ Of was released last year in August. We often described our music and sound as if it were a delicious dish of food; a wide palette of different flavours and textures that make up the overall taste. We were careful not to ruin our sound by adding too much sauce, or the intricacies of the track get lost; keeping our sound as minimal as we can and giving every element a purpose. We wrote the other songs on the EP as the year progressed until we were left with creating the title track for Palette. We had always known that all of the songs on Palette were very introspective and decided to make the title track a culmination of all of the other ideas and concepts from the accompanying tracks on the EP. Each track is completely unique, with inspiration taken from so many different genres, it’s caused everybody to have a different favourite of the five tracks which is awesome. - Tyler Harden, daste.


Q. You've had Mammal Sounds Records on board from the start of the project, how did that relationship come about?

I met Jez through Max Byrne (Golden Vessel) when I was playing in another project. Max always highly recommended Jez so it was always my intention to send him some music once I had felt strongly about a project. I sent our first bit of music to him as soon as we had finished mixing and fortunately he was starting up the label at the same time... the universe eh? He’s been so good to have around, always there for advice when we need it and we always feel he puts the artist first.

Q. Why did you decide to come along to Industry Connect? How have you found the workshops?

We thought Industry Connect was the perfect way to meet more people on the Gold Coast and it’s opened us up to a lot of like-minded creatives who live here. A big part of our ambition is to really bring out the potential of the Coast’s music scene and really have more and more artists from here breakthrough. - Callum MacDonald, daste.


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