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Time to meet Du0 - a soloist collaborator leveraging his relationships to push his musical boundaries and build a strong brand.

He’s just released his sophomore single It’s OK to applause by triple j’s Dave Ruby Howe and Declan Bryne and is working on bringing this energy into a killer live show later this year.

"du0 brings the crunch big time on this track. Sounding like it could fill a big venue."
- Dave Ruby Howe

Read on to check out how It’s OK made its way onto a slew of highly-coveted Spotify playlists, his thoughts on rejection, and the value of meeting other artists.

Q. Tell us about Du0...

I’m Ryan, I originally got into music as a guitarist in a grunge and then metal band. Since then I’ve played blues and roots band but have always dabbled in technology with different samplers and sequencers. My favourite part no matter what the style, has always been writing songs.

I started Du0 a year ago and it’s allowed me to continue with my songwriting and continue to push my boundaries in electronic music.

The name Du0 is a nod to my collaboration with different artists and vocalists on each track that I produce. I find being a soloist can be quite lonely, so it’s exciting to work with other people and bounce ideas around to keep breaking new ground.

Q. You've just released your second song 'It's Okay'. What's the story behind the record?

Lyrically It’s OK is quite a personal song for me. It delves into the delicate nature of relationships and how they can fail when they’re unbalanced and when people feel they are being taken advantage of. It’s something I hope people can connect with, relating back to their own lives whether it is love, friendship, family or work.

Musically I’ve always been a huge Nirvana fan and tried to mirror their emotional aesthetic in my own electronic way - using delicate verses that develop into loud, raw and aggressive choruses.

Q. The tracks popped up on a handful of different Spotify playlists, did you find it difficult to get people onboard to work the record with you?

Yes initially, I did find it hard. I didn’t really know how to get the track out there, so emailed it off to every PR company I could find on the net, as well as a heap of A&R guys from different record labels. I got a heap of rejections, but I am glad I persevered – I worked out that just because one person doesn’t like your song, it doesn’t mean everyone will feel that way and in the end I connected with a fantastic PR company who dug my tracks and were willing to take a chance on me. I also was very fortunate to have a friend who is in marketing in the industry who gave me some honest truths about my image and brand and social media strategy. From there they helped me get a great distributor on board who helped me with the playlist plugging.

Q. How's the rest of your 2019 looking? What are you working towards...

I am looking to follow up my recent bit of success by putting out some more music tracks as soon as possible. Also, I am also looking to release a kickass live show, drawing on the 20-odd years I have been playing live music and taking it to a whole new crowd. It’s an exciting time.

Q. Why did you decide to come along to Industry Connect? How have you found the workshops?

I was about to do this release and was really interested in all the different strategies and how to make sure I was doing the most I could to understand the business side of the music industry. I’ve found all the speakers and staff really approachable and happy to help you however they can. Also, I got a heap of value out of just meeting other artists and swapping ideas, also the support that they have shown to me over this release has been unreal.

Head along to the last workshop in your city! Find out more here.

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