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New Music: DVNA

Gold Coast based bedroom producer DVNA has been turning out some extremely fresh neo soul jams and is starting to turn industry heads as well.

Since attending QMusic's Industry Connect program last year the singer has had a string of successes thanks to a release plan and a string of contacts attained directly through the workshop series.

She’s nearly racked up 500,000 streams on Spotify, debuted at #23 on the triple j Unearthed charts and was a finalist for the triple j Unearthed DMAs Remix competition. Her latest release Looking Like a Snack currently sits across three different Spotify playlists with more than 700,000 followers. Her debut single Girl on the Move also peaked at #3 on Apple's Electronic Music Charts in Sweden.

She's picked up management with Cam MacKinnon (Keelan Mak, Austen) and been connected (via Dew Process A&R Manager and workshop speaker John Mullen) with Sydney based producer Moonbase. She scored a spot on the lineup for Jungle Love Festival last November and has since taken the stage at the Mountain Goat Valley Crawl.

DVNA says the support, encouragement and connections she's gained through the program have been vital.

"I was able to meet and connect with the list of panel speakers - Viv from GYROstream who I now distribute through, John Mullen (Dew Process) who connected me with a producer in Sydney (Moonbase) and Zac from Viceroyalty who helped me out with my press release" she said.

"I absolutely loved Industry Connect and have told all my musician friends to attend next year".

DVNA's one piece of advice is, "Keep going, keep pushing. If you want it bad enough you can absolutely have it. But you need to work for it, stay true to yourself and stay very humble! Also, give without expecting anything in return. Have fun!"


The feedback, the connections, the feeling of being part of a music community and culture allowed me to gain confidence in my music and a narrowed focus on my release. It prepared me for the music industry and I want everyone to be able to learn and experience this wonderful workshop.


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