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Publicists and Marketers weigh in on getting heard

Publicists, digital marketers, radio pluggers and branding experts are all roles in the team that help take your freshly released music from the studio and over to the media. Their focus is on building your brand as a musician and getting your music heard across radio, online, print, TV and streaming service playlists.

Involved in the Industry Connect program are PR and marketing experts who have worked on campaigns for acts such as Kim Churchill, Bootleg Rascal, Kwame, Meg Mac, WAAX + more. They’ve let us in on a few industry secrets and the #1 thing music has taught them so far.


"The creative world has very few boundaries, and in a media landscape that is changing by the minute, I believe it's essential to try different things and think outside the box, as some of the best ideas are the most ridiculous and extreme."

Rob Carroll
Publicist and Label Services Manager, Good Intent

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Q. What’s one piece of advice you would give aspiring artist managers and musicians?


Q. What’s the biggest lesson music has taught you?

Q. What’s your day to day?

Get to know more about the PR and Marketing Experts presenting at Industry Connect workshops and masterclasses all around the state between now and July!

Rob Carroll

Publicist and Label Services Manager at Good Intent

I put together PR and marketing strategies for artists, events, venues and tours, which includes working out key dates, targets, timelines and creative content. I write press releases, pitch media outlets across radio, blogs, TV, DSP's and print, which is a combination of face-to-face meetings and via email, coordinate interview and performance schedules and provide regular reports to clients.

Presenting at ‘It’s A Business + Getting It Out There’ Masterclass, Cairns, June 8 - free registration here.

Claire Morrissey

Promotions & Artist Relations Representative (Queensland) at Sony Music Entertainment

  • Day to day contact for an Australia wide media call cycle
  • Service media releases and key artist news and updates to relevant media
  • Weekly radio calls with regional and metro stations
  • Secure promotional online and on-air activations
  • Secure promotional media schedules with artists when on ground in Brisbane
  • Securing most effective PR for new releases in Queensland
  • Guest lists and event support for all artist gigs and events in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast
  • Key on ground contact for artists relations and artist managers when in Queensland
  • Assist in the recruitment process for Brisbane positions
  • Direct Sony Music QLD interns and contractors weekly
  • Research new business opportunities in the Queensland market
  • Attend media and networking events on behalf of the Brisbane affiliate office

Presenting at ‘Getting It Out There’, Brisbane, May 23 - free registration here.

Vivienne Mellish

Head of Marketing and Artist Promotions at GYROstream

I am one of the co-founders of Australia's newest digital distribution company, GYROstream. As part of GYROstream we also have an artist promotions department. I oversee all of GYROstream's marketing, publicity and playlist pitching services as part of this. This includes managing a team of three publicists and a busy curated roster of clients. In addition to pitching for playlist additions on streaming services, we help artists get press coverage on blogs, in print, TV & radio play. We work with artists we are really passionate about and it's really exciting to be a part of their journey.

Presenting at:

• ‘Click Here + The Release Cycle’ Masterclass, Gold Coast, June 8 - free registration here.

• ‘The Release Cycle’, Brisbane, June 20 - free registration here.

Emma Jones

Publicist and Digital Marketing Consultant / ‘Boogie Board’ Radio Host at 4ZZZ

I'm a publicist, digital marketer and 4ZZZ radio host. I help artists get their music out in the world and tell their stories the way they want to be told. I have a deep passion for working with emerging artists which really flourished in my time as the Editor and Business Manager of Purple Sneakers, and before that contributing to websites writing about new music.

Presenting at:

• ‘It’s A Business + Getting It Out There’ Masterclass, Ipswich, May 18 - free registration here.

• ‘Click Here’, Brisbane, June 6 - free registration here.

• ‘Click Here + The Release Cycle’ Masterclass, Gold Coast, June 8 - free registration here.

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