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QMusic talks to Futuremag Music founder and editor Luke Byatt on starting a music publication built on Queensland’s writing and photography talent.

Featured above: Big Pineapple Music Festival. Photo by Katy Roubin for Futuremag Music.

QMusic caught up with Luke Byatt who launched independent publication Futuremag Music in 2016 and who has grounded his roots in Australia’s media landscape as a niche tastemaker.  

Futuremag Music began as a collaboration with German producer and composer, Mindsight (Josh Nuemann) and Luke after the pair struck up a friendship over Soundcloud. During this time they were both budding and passionate industry members looking to grow and develop a foothold within music. 

Driven by mentorship, grit and devotion to the cause, Futuremag Music has evolved and grown into a reputable online electronic music publication, supporting and showcasing emerging artists and creators in the local and international music scene.

Luke did a six month internship at QMusic as part of the programming team.

“At QMusic I was given the freedom to bring my experiences, and connections to the role helping in the planning and execution of last year’s Industry Connect - The Masterclass Series”, said Luke.

In reflection of his time interning with the programming team, Luke also said his dexterity in handling various segments of the industry were refined through the structured environment provided by QMusic.

While forming contacts and relationships QMusic assisted Luke in bolstering his technique to core practices in communication and accountability, which helped shape his present role in guiding the senior team at Futuremag Music.


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While starting an independent publication has its challenges, Luke is grateful to have built such a passionate team consisting of Queensland talent - Harry White, Katy Roubin and formally Sean Tayler. Luke says he believes in assisting contributors in progressing their careers if they’re driven, reliable and genuine. 

Futuremag Music Photographer Harry White says since starting at Futuremag Music his skills and passion for music photography have grown along with the size and number of gigs he’s documented including: J.I.D., Cray, Godlands, Kilter and SLUMBERJACK and Flight Facilities. “Shooting for Futuremag Music has ingrained itself into my life, each shoot is a highlight discovering new artists and supports during tours and opening festivals, to capturing some of the biggest music acts of the year and seeing them perform” says Harry.

For newcomers to the music and media industry, Luke strongly suggests contributing to media outlets; with blogs, community radio and internships.

“It’s about building experience, a portfolio, solid personal brand, and networking” says Luke. 

If you’re looking to start writing or photographing for a publication or would like to learn more about how you can get your music heard and written about by music journalism outlets, check out QMUSIC CONNECT: The Masterclass Series workshop Getting Your Music Out There, 5:30-6:30pm, Tuesday 21 May 2020.


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