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Songwriters Corner
@ The Tivoli

If you've been to a show at the Tivoli you may have noticed the Yamaha baby grand in the foyer. Until now it's been just a piece of decorative furniture gathering dust, longing desperately top be played upon. Well, now's your chance! 

If you're a songwriter, pianist or piano teacher and need a little retreat away from your home or a quiet place to get creative, the Tivoli is opening its doors and offering offering up the use of their beautiful baby grand piano for FREE!

There are four slots available per week from 10:00am – 12:00pm on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. YOU DON’T EVEN NEED TO PAY A CENT! Just head to the Tivoli and make some sweet, sweet music.

Maximum of 3-4 people at a time, no amplification, chill vibes, etc. Teachers and students and everyone in between welcome.

To book a slot, please email Producer Madison at madison@thetivoli.com.au or call the Tivoli office on 3852 1711.

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