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Unsigned Only


Are you an independent artist? Want a shot at US$20,000 and to get your music heard by a host of high-profile music industry professionals in the US? Unsigned Only is for you! Hurry, entries close Friday, 27 April.

Conceived of and produced by the team behind the prestigious International Songwriting Competition (ISC), Unsigned Only is open to everyone; bands, singers, solo artists, newcomers or veterans...raw or polished. There’s just one condition - it’s only open to acts not already signed to a major label. This means a level playing field for unknown acts to get a huge boost in their career.

Not only are there great prizes and exposure on offer, but the Grand Prize winner will receive direct, personal contact with the influential record label executives who are the ultimate decision-makers. For the first time ever, a music competition offers the Grand Prize winner the unprecedented opportunity to be mentored by a group of record company presidents, A&R reps, and more. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to directly network with the top echelon of record company professionals and get guidance, advice, feedback, and networking opportunities.

Last year, Dalby’s El Cosgrove took out first prize in the Folk/Singer-Songwriter category for her track Nobody's Gettin' Out Alive.

The 2018 Categories include:

  • AAA (Adult Album Alternative)

  • AC (Adult Contemporary)

  • Americana

  • Christian

  • Country

  • EDM (Electronic Dance Music)

  • Folk/Singer-Songwriter

  • Pop/Top 40

  • R&B/Hip-Hop

  • Rock

  • Screen Shot (original songs in all genres suited for placement in Film/TV/Advertising/Gaming)

  • Teen (for artists 18 years old and younger)

  • Vocal Performance

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