Entries Extended! QMAs & Billy Thorpe Scholarship

Queensland songwriters have gained a one-week extension to submit their songs and videos into the 2018 Queensland Music Awards. Also, extended today are entries for the 2018 Billy Thorpe Scholarship! The new deadline for submissions to both is midnight Sunday, January 28


How do we actually change the culture of the music industry?

"Now is a critical time. The massive vocal disruption that has brought the music industry’s cultural problems to the surface presents a unique opportunity." QMusic CEO Joel Edmondson on how we might go about changing the culture of the music industry. 


QMAs 2018 - Everything You Need To Know!

The QMAs recognise the diverse people and places that make contemporary popular music an invaluable part of our state's cultural heritage. We invite all Queenslanders to celebrate the artists, industry leaders, festivals and live music venues that keep the joy of music alive in our communities. Here's everything you need to know for 2018!