MAPs Fees and Process


(Prices include GST)

  • Individual MAP for QMusic member: $70

  • Individual MAP for non-QMusic member: $190

  • Group MAP for QMusic member group: $130

  • Group MAP for non QMusic member group: $245

'Group' refers to any business, organisation, collective, partnership or band with more than one member.

The price of MAPs and many other QMusic services are greatly reduced for QMusic members. Visit the Membership page for more info on becoming a member.



MAP Terms of Use

Read and understand the MAP Terms of Use.


You must first complete a MAP Registration Form with your basic details and MAP preference. Please enter your email address carefully as this will be the preferred method of contacting you

To be eligible for any QMusic member rates, you must be a current financial member when you submit your completed MAP Registration form online.

A QMusic member individual cannot get a QMusic member discount on a group MAP for a non-QMusic member group.

Any member of a QMusic member group can get a QMusic member discount on their own individual MAP.

The group MAP rates also apply to situations such as 'an artist wanting to attend a MAP meeting with their manager' and they are only eligible for the QMusic group member rate if both artist and manager are QMusic members.

If a group MAP is booked and only one member shows up to the MAP meeting, there will be no refund of the difference between the group and individual MAP fees.

Face to face MAP meetings conducted outside QMusic's Fortitude Valley office incur additional transport and staff costs unless otherwise notified.

Please allow up to 7 days for QMusic to receive and process your MAP registration form.

Payment and MAP Session

QMusic will contact you by email to organise payment and a suitable MAP meeting time. A face to face MAP session lasts about an hour and the preferred meeting venue is the QMusic Office in Fortitude Valley during office hours. If this is not possible please advise us. We can also organise phone and Skype MAPs for our regional members.

MAP Facilitator

You can request a particular industry professional to facilitate your MAP session. A list of our current facilitators is available here. Otherwise we will match you with the most appropriate person based on what areas you state you want to cover in your MAP registration form.

MAP Questionnaire

When your payment has been processed, you will receive an email from us that contains your MAP log in information - you must complete an online MAP Data Form prior to your MAP session; this will allow your facilitator to get some background information on you as well as some idea of your future goals. It will save valuable time in your actual MAP session. Try to finalise it a day or two before your MAP meeting.

If you have any questions please email or call 07 3257 0013