Little BIGSOUND program


The Judith Wright Centre, Fortitude Valley
8:30am - 3:30pm







PANEL SESSION - Branding: Does My Music Look Big In This?
No matter whether you try or not, you have an image. Taking the time to think about the image you are portraying as a musician or music business can really enhance your chances of getting more attention and a bigger audience. This panel discussion will cover what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to design and image, with tips on how to stand out from the rest. 
Facilitator: Tanja Hall 
Speakers:  Martine Cotton, Tim Price, Jack Tierney, Mel Baxter







NETWORKING SESSION - Meeting Your Musical Allies
A fun and interactive networking session where we explore the ways you can make the most of meeting people in the music industry and beyond. How to recognise networking opportunities, make an impact and develop great friends you can work with in the future. 
Facilitator: Jackie Marshall
Speakers: Chris Cobcroft, Tim Price, Kellie Lloyd, Tom Byrnes, Graham Ashton, Deb Suckling



11:00am- 12:00pm


Intimate sessions about different aspects of the industry






1. Marketing - Going Viral 
Marketing trends, social media, Youtube and every other marketing ploy you can think of. We drill our expert marketing panel for tips on different strategies and the do’s, don’t’s, who, why, where and when to create an effective and targeted marketing plan that works. 
Facilitator: Deb Suckling
Speakers: Julia Bridger, Tim Price, Sarah Chipman, Trina Massey 




2. Visual - The Art of Capturing The Eye
For budding filmmakers, photographers, graphic designers and illustrators who want to work in the music industry. Get insider tips on creating an amazing music clip on any budget, an eye capturing poster and creating a band photo that is not like the rest. Advice on how to prepare for shoots, direct your subjects and show off the best side of an artist.
Facilitator: Martin Cotton
Speakers: Jack Tierney, Ben Knight, Dan Graetz, Tim Ariel 




3.  Electronic Music - Beyond Pressing Play 
Discover the different and innovative technologies that are available for capturing, creating and manipulating sounds including various ways to perform electronic music in a live environment. Our speakers will demonstrate how they use their software and tools to create everything from computer game music, to perfect pop and luscious landscapes.
Facilitator: Carly Dickenson
Speakers: Seja Vogel, Michelle Zen, Lawrence English, Hans Van Vliet





Food provided. Watch performances by The Con & The Liar and Alex Crook plus the opportunity to network with speakers and special guests



1:00pm - 2:00pm


Intimate sessions about different aspects of the industry




1. Money - Because You’re Worth It 
In the ever changing musical environment of the 21st century the different ways of generating an income through music have dramatically changed. We chat with our speakers about digital technology and which platforms are the best to release your music through. We will also cover royalties and copyright, crowdfunding, contracts, clever merchandising as well as how to manage your money once there’s some in your pocket. 
Facilitator: Chris O'Neill 
Speakers: Patrik Wikstrom, Tim Price, Matthew Tucker
Chris O'Neill    




2. Recording - DIY to Abbey Road
These days it is easier than ever to produce high quality recordings from home, in the garage, or in your own little studio. The ‘Recording’ panel will chat about what you need to set up the most basic recording setup and how to hone your skills so that you can invite other bands into your studio to produce albums AND an income!
Facilitator: Neil McCollough
Speakers: Magoo, Branko Cosic, Donovan Millar, Cameron Smith




3. Booking Gigs - Go Ahead, Make My Night
Getting the attention of a venue or an artist booker and convincing them to add you to a bill can be quite an artform. You need to have great negotiating skills and be very organised. This session will share some tips on how to get noticed by venues and bookers and what to do to get gig ready. We will discuss the tricks to booking the right line up, what bookers are looking for and how to set your fee. 
Facilitator: Graham Ashton
Speakers: Trad Nathan, Megan Tarr-Thomas, Jane Slingo, Paul Watson, Pat Balfe







PANEL SESSION - Honesty Corner With Australian Artists
Being an artist can seem like it’s all parties, touring, money, adoring fans and rock ‘n’ roll but there are so many elements that make up success. During this panel session we will be diving deep into the hard work, dedication, practice and multi-skilling required to get yourself and your music out there. We’ll talk about finding your style, sound and confidence, grabbing the attention of your audience while getting advice from our panel on staying motivated and inspired. 
Facilitator: Chris O'Neill
Speakers: Sahara Beck, Jarryd Shuker, Danny Kenneally, Dean McGrath



3:00pm- 3:30pm 


Out in the shop front we have Tia and Jack performing, offering the perfect vibe to end the day, with a nice cup of coffee and chat with all your new friends.