About Grant McLennan

Grant McLennan is acknowledged as one of Australia’s greatest songwriters and one of Queensland’s first successful cultural exports. As a founding member of the Brisbane band, The Go-Betweens, Grant created an outstanding musical legacy which has paved the way for many great artists and for the burgeoning Creative Industries sector in Queensland. His lyrics captured a unique Queensland spirit and the band was fundamental in bringing Australian music to a global audience. Grant passed away at the age of 48 in May 2006.

About the Grant McLennan Fellowship

The Fellowship will consist of an award of $25,000 to a Queensland based contemporary songwriter or songwriting duo. The recipient/s will undertake a trip to either London, Berlin or New York. The Fellowship has been designed to expose the recipient/s to the full cultural life of one of these cities as a source of inspiration and creativity. 

The Grant McLennan Fellowship is delivered through a partnership with Arts Queensland,  APRA AMCOS (The Australasian Performing Right Association - Australasian Mechanical Copyright-Owners Society) and QMusic. 

Applicants are required to apply online through QMusic’s website.  All sections of the online application will need to be completed, addressing all selection criteria and attaching all requested support material. Incomplete applications will not be eligible for assessment.  Applicants must only submit one application in each round. 

2018 Applications will open in July 2018.

2017 Recipient Announced
December 1. 2017: Brisbane singer-songwriter Jeremy Neale is the winner of the prestigious $25,000 Grant McLennan Fellowship for 2017. READ

L-R Sean Sennett, Adele Pickvance, Jeremy Neale, Sally McLennan, Andrew Tutle, Joel Edmondson


Please read this information before commencing your application. Applications deemed to be ineligible will not be assessed.

The Fellowship is for a contemporary music songwriter or songwriting duo with both experience and exceptional talent. Songwriters will need to demonstrate a very strong case for the Fellowship to be awarded early in their career. Although not limited in musical genre, the Fellowship is primarily aimed at songwriters of contemporary popular music.

The Fellowship will be awarded:

  • annually
  • to an individual or songwriting duo (the Fellowship would be shared)
  • once in the life of an individual/songwriting team

All applicants must:

  • be not less than 21 years of age on 1st January in the year of application
  • be an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • be residing in Queensland
  • be a member of APRA AMCOS
  • have satisfied the reporting requirements of any previous Arts Queensland grants
  • have an ABN
  • only submit one application in each round (e.g. songwriting duos may not also submit individual applications)

The Fellowship does not support:

  • costs associated with a project or program that has already commenced
  • the costs of completing degree courses, theses or university, college or projects undertaken to gain formal qualifications
  • the purchase of musical equipment
  • Employees of Arts Queensland, QMusic or APRA AMCOS
  • Former employees of Arts Queensland, QMusic or APRA AMCOS who ceased employment less than six months before the closing date
  • Staff members of an Arts portfolio statutory authority or Department of the Premier and Cabinet unless their application includes a covering letter from their employer that states the person’s role and employment details and that their application does not relate to carrying out the duties of their role.

Note to all applicants

The Grant McLennan Fellowship is designed to enable the winner/s to have experiences in foreign places that inspire creativity and songwriting.  Applications should communicate how they believe spending time in one of the nominated destinations could be used to evolve their creative process. Recording or promotional activities such as publicity and touring, are not the focus of the Fellowship and should therefore only form a minor part of your submission.

The successful project MUST be completed and sucessfully reported on within 12 months of the Fellowship being awarded.

How to Apply

  • Read the Grant McLennan Fellowship 2017 Guidelines HERE for more information and eligibility
  • Start early, plan ahead and allow plenty of time to complete your application.
  • Application link will be available here in July.
  • Applications will close at midnight, Monday 25 September.
  • Winner will be announced early December 2017. Read: 2016 Finalists Announced 

NOTE: To assist you with your application you will need the following:

Text boxes: (we suggest keeping a copy of your responses)

Section 1.4:
A summarised description of your intention for the Fellowship. MAX 40 WORDS

Section 2.1:
Outstanding artistic and creative potential of the applicant. Describe the quality of your work and your talent. Please refer to your support material, as the items included will provide evidence to support your claims. MAX 500 WORDS

Section 2.2:
Artistic merit of the Fellowship proposal - Describe how you intend to use this fellowship opportunity, by outlining:
1) The proposed city
2) The details of your project, including proposed activities/evidence of research into possibilities
3) The project objectives
4) Your aspirations for the Fellowship.

Section 2.3: 
Demonstrated commitment to their musical and performance skills development. Describe:
1) Your track record, practice and recognition in the contemporary music industry
2) You may reference reviews, support letters, gig history, training history etc. 

Section 2.4:
Potential to contribute to the development of contemporary music in Queensland. Describe:
1) Your future aspirations/career plan
2)  Any significant contributions to the Queensland music sector to date.


You can download a budget template HERE - please complete and upload where indicated in Section 3. Project Management

Support Material:

The following support material is compulsory:

1) CV - This is to be a maximum of 2 pages and should include details of your song writing and music career experience and achievements to date. If you are applying as a duo, this is required for each member. Word / PDF only

2) Up to 3 letters of support from industry professionals. They must include the signature and contact details of the authors. Word / PDF only

3) Up to 3 tracks of your original music. MP3 files only

4) Lyric sheets, including copyright and song/track details. Song writing credits must be included stating whether applicant is sole or primary songwriter or collaboration details. 1 song per page. Word / PDF only


Please contact QMusic if you have questions about your application: 

Tel: 07 3257 0013   Email: info@qmusic.com.au

Previous winners of the Grant McLennan Fellowship have been

2017: Jeremy Neale
2016: Hannah Macklin (MKO Sun)
2015: Timothy Steward (WE ALL WANT TO, Screamfeeder)
2014: Thomas Calder (The Trouble With Templeton)
2013: Seja Vogel
2012: Louise O’Reilly and Paul Hannan (Laneway)
2011: Scott Spark
2010: Danny Widdicombe & Andrew Morris (The Wilson Pickers)
2009: Helen Franzmann (McKisko)
2008: John Busby and Chris Dale (Halfway)
2007: Greg Charles