Tax Deductible Donations

Can you imagine a world without music?

Music is something we all love, but it’s also something we all take for granted. Maybe that’s because it’s impossible to imagine a world without music.

But it’s never been a harder time to be a professional musician in Australia. Artists don’t really make anything from the sale of recorded music anymore, while governments across the country are making it harder for pubs and clubs to stage live music. All this is adding up to a situation where the next Grant McLennan, Kate-Miller Heidke or Katie Noonan might see a career in music as just too hard – and that’s something we’d all be poorer from.

By supporting QMusic, you’re giving musicians across metropolitan, regional and remote Queensland the chance to create the music of the future. QMusic provides musicians with workshops, grants, and genuine connectivity to international music industry opportunities through our new music export festival, BIGSOUND. We’ve been making a difference to the lives of musicians for over 20 years.

QMusic members and advocates now have the opportunity to lend their support to QMusic's program and objectives via tax deductible gift.

The Queensland Music Network Inc. Public Fund has been endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as a Deductible Gift Recipient, which means that contributors are able to make tax deductable donations in the amount of $2 and over.

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