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Presented by QMusic

QMusic Connect

Starting From Zero, Getting Your Music Out There + Digital Marketing and Social Media


Saturday 19th June
10:00am - 4:00pm


Botanic Gardens Visitors Centre (BGVC)
78-96 Collins Ave, Edge Hill QLD 4870, Australia




About These Sessions

Starting From Zero

Starting from Zero is an introduction to the functions of APRA AMCOS. This panel covers everything from registering your song to understanding the basics of copyright and is a vital piece of knowledge for aspiring artists and industry professionals.

Getting Your Music Out There

What does publicity look like in 2021? When should you invest in it? What can you be doing as an independent artist to grow your fanbase? And how can you get a step closer to your project goals with every song release? Hear from successful industry publicists working with both local and international artists and learn what it takes to truly break an artist.

Digital Marketing and Social Media

What is digital marketing? How does it work with your social media accounts? Is it really that important in 2021? With help from digital marketers and social media experts, better understand how you can use social media and digital marketing to grow and engage your fanbase, how social advertising works and how you can go about effectively marketing your releases directly to your fanbase.