#2024 QMAs FAQS

1. When do applications open and close? 

Self-nominating categories opened: 17th October 2023 

Self-nominating categories closed: 11:59 pm (AEST), Monday 20th November 2023 

People's Choice Award categories opened: 14th November 2023 

People's Choice Award categories close: 11:59 pm (AEST), Thursday 18th January 2024

Scholarship categories opened: 14th November 2023 

Scholarship categories close: 11:59 pm (AEST), Thursday 18th January 2024

QMusic reserve the right to extend deadline dates.  

2. Does my song/video have to be released by a certain date? 

Yes - each song/video entry must be released between 1st December 2022 and 30th November 2023. 

The newly created 'Music For Screen' Award includes music produced by a Queensland artist for any screen medium – film, tv, advertising and definitely gaming

3. I don't live in Queensland. Can I enter the Queensland Music Awards? 

No - only artists residing in Queensland are eligible to enter. However, in the case of songwriting teams/bands, at least 50% of the team must be based in Queensland AND/OR the releasing artist must publicly identify and promote themselves as a Queensland artist and have started the development of their career in Queensland. 

At least 50% of the filmmaking team must be based in Queensland OR have publicly identified and promoted as a Queensland artist and have started the development of their career in Queensland.  

You are eligible as a resident of Queensland if you spent a minimum of 75% of the year (9 months) living in Queensland at a residential address between 1st December 2022 and 30th November 2023. 

4. How many songs can I enter? 

Artists may submit a maximum of 8 individual tracks, across a maximum of 8 different categories.  

5. Can I enter the same song in different categories? 

Yes. An individual song may be entered into more than one category but it will incur an entry fee for each category (with a maximum of eight categories and/or eight songs, totalling eight entries). 

Only one song from each entrant may become a finalist in any one category. 

The same song may not appear as a finalist in multiple categories with the exception of the Regional/Remote and Emerging categories, which are drawn from other categories, and the Indigenous category. 

6. What are the categories that I can enter my songs into? 

  • Blues / Roots 

  • Children's Music 

  • Contemporary Classical and Music For Stage (UPDATED)

  • Country 

  • Electronic  

  • Folk 

  • Heavy 

  • Hip Hop 

  • Indigenous  

  • Jazz 

  • Music for Screens (NEW)

  • Pop  

  • Rock 

  • Youth (Ages 10-17)  

  • Soul / Funk / R’n’B 

  • World 

  • Video (for filmmakers only) 

7. Regional / Remote Award category: 

If applicable, your song/s will be automatically entered into this category as a BONUS entry: 

  • The Regional/Remote Category is open to all songwriters residing in regional and remote Queensland, as determined by the Australian Bureau of Statistics Regional Boundaries and set out in the Australian Bureau Of Statistic Remoteness Area Map as well as being over 100km away from the Brisbane CBD. All finalist regional and remote songwriters will automatically be entered into this category. 

8. I've co-written a song with a songwriter who is not based in Queensland. Can I enter this track? 

You may enter a track that is co-written by a songwriter not based in Queensland, on the condition that the songwriting can be attributed to not less than 50% to the Queensland songwriter/s OR the artist/band is publicly identified and promoted as a Queensland act and started the development of their career in Queensland. 

In the case of a Video entry, the filmmaker only must be Queensland-based. 

9. I’m a Queensland filmmaker but I work with interstate artists. Can I still enter my videos? 

Yes, you can. For this category, the filmmaker is the entrant and must be Queensland-based (see above). 

10. I don’t know which category best suits my song. Can you choose for me? 

No, unfortunately, we can’t help you make that decision so please choose your category carefully. 

11. I want to enter songs I have written into the Queensland Music Awards but I’m not a singer. Can I get someone else to sing/perform them? 

Yes, you can, however, songs must have been released between 1 December 2022 - 30 November 2023.  

12. Is there an age limit? 

No, there is no age limit except for the Youth category. For songs entered in the Youth category, the primary songwriter must have been aged 10 – 17 years old on the release date of the song.  

13. Can I enter lyrics only? 

No. We currently do not have a lyric-only category. 

14. Can I enter instrumental songs? 

Yes, you can enter instrumental songs in all categories. Please type “Instrumental” in the lyrics text box. 

15. Technical Issues and Troubleshooting 

I cannot log in to my QMusic account when finalising my self-nominating:  

Please try logging in directly on the QMusic website, resetting your password if required and then retry on your application form. If this does not work save the form as a draft and contact us at info@qmusic.com.au  

I am having issues with my application form:  

Please click the Tech Support button below the application form and detail the issue.  

16. How do I know who owns the rights to my song/s? 

If you are a songwriter and haven’t signed a deal with a music publishing company (publishing) or record label (master) you are the rights holder of your song/s. Therefore, you should enter your own name where indicated on the entry form. Otherwise, you must provide the details of the relevant rights holder (only if you grant streaming permission for your song through the QMA website). 

In the case of video entries, by entering a video hosted on a public platform such as YouTube or Vimeo into the Queensland Music Awards you acknowledge that all rights holder permissions have been granted. 

QMusic takes no responsibility for any copyright violations. 

17. Who judges the songs? 

A panel of music industry professionals will assess the entries according to categories. 

The decision of the judging panel is final and no correspondence will be entered into. 

QMusic management committee and staff play no role in song/songwriter nominations or the selection of winners in any category (with the exception of the Innovation Award and QMusic Lifetime Achievement Award). 

18. How are songs/videos judged? 

The songs in the genre categories are NOT judged on production values. 

Each song is judged on: Lyricism and musicality; innovation and creativity; and commercial potential. 

In the case of video entries, judging is based on originality of concept, technical execution and visual appeal. 

19. How are the highest selling awards determined? 

The highest-selling single and highest-selling album categories are designed to celebrate the commercial success of Queenslanders in Australia and overseas. 

These are the only two categories that non-residents are eligible for, however they are based on sales and therefore nominations are not applicable. 

20. How do the People’s Choice Awards categories work? 

A combination of public votes and expert judge scoring (weighted 60/40, respectively) determines the winner of the People’s Choice Award categories: Metro, Regional and Accessible Venue of the Year; and Festival of the Year. The self-nominated award submissions will open mid-November. 

Two finalists per category will be selected with the winners announced at the QMA ceremony. 

23. Why do I have to pay an entry fee? 

QMusic is a not-for-profit organisation and we rely on sponsorship and entry fees to allow us to run the Queensland Music Awards and grow it each year to give recognition to our best songwriters and artists. Your entry fee contributes to the whole process. 

24. How much does it cost to enter the Queensland Music Awards? 


Each Song  

Each Video  




QMusic Adult Member  



Adult Non-Member  



Youth | School Age Entries  




The above prices include GST. 

25. How can I join QMusic so that I pay less to enter the Queensland Music Awards? 

It's easy. You can join online through the QMusic website

26. When is the closing date for entries? 

The deadline for self-nominations is 11:59pm (AEST), Monday 20th November 2023. QMusic reserves the right to extend this deadline. 

27. Can I get feedback on my song/s? 

QMusic is currently not able to offer a feedback service for the Queensland Music Awards. 

28. How many finalists will be chosen in each self-nominated category? 

There are four finalists in each self-nominated category. 

29. How do I get considered for Album of the Year? 

This category will be nominated by music industry professionals. Full-length albums released between December 2022 and November 2023 are eligible for this category. QMusic obtains lists from both major and independent labels of releases by Queensland artists during that period for consideration. If you wish to nominate an album, please send the artist name, album name and a streaming link to info@qmusic.com.au  

The Album of the Year is judged on production, songwriting and commercial success. 

30. How do I get considered for Song of the Year? 

Only the winners of the genre categories are eligible for Song of the Year. A panel of music industry professionals will decide a winner, using the same criteria used to judge the genre categories. 

31. When are the finalists notified? 

All finalists will be notified via email in February 2024. 

32. When will the finalists be publicly announced? 

Finalists will be announced in early February 2024 on the Queensland Music Awards website. 

33. When are the winners announced? 

Most of the winners will be announced at the Queensland Music Awards on Wednesday 17th April 2024. Due to venue restrictions, winners of some of the categories may be announced at a pre-award ceremony. 

34. How can I attend the Queensland Music Awards? 

Tickets will be available for purchase through the QMAs website in early February 2024. 

35. How many tickets to the Queensland Music Awards can I get if my song is a finalist in the top four of its category? 

Finalists will receive 2 x complimentary tickets per finalist song to the awards night in the artists seating section. Queensland Music Awards reserves the right to withdraw this offer, pending external circumstances. 

36. What do I get if I win? 

A package of promotional activities that will be undertaken on behalf of the winning artists which will include, but not be limited to: 

  • Presentation of an Award trophy at the annual Queensland Music Awards 

  • Profiling on the Queensland Music Awards website and playlists 

  • National media release inclusion and interview opportunities 

37. I have another question. Who do I contact?  

Please contact QMusic at (07) 3257 0013 or at info@qmusic.com.au and a member of staff will be in contact with you as soon as possible.  

Photography Credit:
Conrad Sewell accepting Highest Selling Album Award, 2020 Queensland Music Awards. Photo by Bianca Holderness Photography. 

QMUSIC acknowledges the many Traditional Custodian groups all across what is now referred to as Queensland. We pay our respect to all elders: past and present. As a peak body we also acknowledge the important role that music has played and continues to play on these lands since the very first sunrise.