#Our Vision

To support and promote a thriving contemporary live and recorded music industry that transforms lives and delivers artistic, cultural, social and economic value to Queensland.

Our Values

• Fostering collaboration amongst an innovative, inclusive and creative sector.
• The preservation of Australia’s First Nation’s culture remains a priority for QMusic via the continued development of First Nations artists and overseen by QMusic’s Management Committee.
• Gender equity.
• Engagement and inclusion of culturally diverse and linguistic music industry professionals.
• Regional and remote participation.
• Promote sustainability across all levels of the music industry.

Our Goals

1. To support and foster a thriving contemporary music industry in Queensland.
2. To develop capable music industry entrepreneurs with a global focus.
3. To deliver world-class events that transform lives including the Queensland Music Awards and BIGSOUND.
4. To promote diversity and inclusion including gender, Indigenous and regional participation.
5. To encourage innovative partnerships that benefit the future of Queensland contemporary music and its contribution to the Australian music landscape.

QMUSIC acknowledges the many Traditional Custodian groups all across what is now referred to as Queensland. We pay our respect to all elders: past and present. As a peak body we also acknowledge the important role that music has played and continues to play on these lands since the very first sunrise.