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Where to go
for help

Helplines and resources
for discrimination, abuse and assault

In an emergency: Call triple zero - 000


Helplines for counselling and advice

Please contact safety@qmusic.com.au if you believe you've observed or experienced inappropriate, abusive or illegal behaviours at a QMusic event. 

QMusic will work to assess the situation and to respond as soon as possible. 

Notifying QMusic does not constitute or replace reporting to police or seeking help through relevant support services.

All legal offences should be reported to Police 131 444 or in an emergency 000.

Rights and Responsibilities

What your rights and responsibilities are, what you can do, and what help is available.

Resources for Events and Festivals

There are several resources and services available to event and festival organisers; here are just a few that we've worked with:

This is a growing list of resources—community contributions are welcome and encouraged. 

Email: safety@qmusic.com.au
Subject line: Safety Resource Contribution