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Plug In and Tune Up Your Music Industry Know-How!


JUNE - JULY 2021

QMusic Connect is hitting the road this June through July to deliver live IRL workshops in a city near you!

Join in on the wide range of free workshops that have helped over 1500 artists find their feet in the music industry in the last five years, including Greta Stanley, DVNA and Cloe Terare

Whether you're a musician, artist manager, or wanting to get your start in the music industry, QMusic Connect is here to help you build a sustainable career in music with knowledge, advice and experience shared by panels of industry experts on a range of topics from starting out, songwriting and streaming to the release cycle, marketing and more (read about each below).

Places are limited and RSVPs essential, so be sure to check out the dates in your city now and RSVP below.


About QMusic Connect Sessions


QMusic Connect Alumni


"More than anything the GYROstream package was a really really great experience for what a good release looks like- what's important and what needs to get done. This was definitely a great way for me to learn where to invest in the future knowing exactly what goes into it. I really had no idea at all before that. GYROstream has a bunch of very talented and dedicated people who are really there to make your release the best it can be. I have a very good idea now of how to get the most out of a release.  

"Its tough times right now [MAR 2020] for sure! Upsetting that the live scene is being put on hold for a while, but since the QMusic Songwriting Retreat [in 2019] I've teamed up with Paces on a project which we are trying to do from distance. Hopefully will be releasing our first single as a duo very soon. Something I wouldn't have been able to do without the networking and demo's I made at the retreat so I'm just beyond grateful to QMusic for the whole experience and leg-up in the industry."

Cloe Terrare, 2019 QMusic Connect & Songwriting Retreat participant

"QMusic Connect has prepared me in so many ways. The first one I ever went to I learnt so much and I met so many new people that I wouldn’t have had the chance to otherwise. I was very very lucky I got my RSVP in by the skin of my teeth, I RSVP’d very late but I am so thankful I did."

DVNA, 2018 QMusic Connect participant

"A lot of the time being a musician can be incredibly isolating process where you feel like it's you against the world. These workshops prove there are people out there who want to help and be part of the journey. Plus you just flat out learn things you wouldn't learn if it weren't for these workshops. Things that are really crucial to making music more than just a hobby."

Borderland State, 2019 QMusic Connect participant

"These workshops were brilliant. The discussion was facilitated really well and I think everyone in the room got a lot out of each session. I only made it to two, but I'll be back next year to hopefully make all of them. Will be recommending this to all of my musician mates! Thanks QMusic."

2019 QMusic Connect participant

"I'm a big believer in utilising the resources available to you, so in my opinion not taking advantage of great initiatives like QMusic Connect would just be unwise."

Paris Irwin, 2019 QMusic Connect participant

"Thanks so much for this incredible resource! It's invaluable to be able to connect and receive this kind of support as an independent artist."

2019 QMusic Connect participant


QMusic Connect is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland. The series is also supported by Townsville, Cairns and Ipswich City Councils, Toowoomba Regional Council and Noosa Shire Council.

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